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Mishkan Chicago Store

Did someone say swag?
Listen to us in your car. Sing with us on Friday night. Drink coffee with us on Shabbos morning. Start a conversation.

And do it all with cool stuff from our store! Every dollar you spend in our quaint little online store goes to support Mishkan's bottom line. Thanks for your support, and for rocking our swag.

Shabbos Mug

Proudly holding the coffee, pencils, and odds & ends of Mishkan's work-from-home staff since March 2020.
   Mug - $10.00 - 13 of 24 LeftWouldn't you like for this to be YOUR inspired, down-to-earth Shabbos mug?

A Taste of Mishkan: Music for an Inspired Year

This is Mishkan's first professionally-recorded live CD, full of the tunes you know and love from Friday nights, High Holidays, & the rest of the year.
   CD - $15.00 - 14 of 26 LeftA great tune never goes out of style.

Mishkan Chicago T-Shirts

Rock your Mishkan pride with this super-soft, super-inspirational t-shirt. Fit is slim.
   Small - $20.00 - 12 of 14 Left
   Medium - $20.00 - 12 of 24 Left
   Large - $20.00 - 30 of 35 Left
   XL - $20.00 - 10 of 19 Left
   2XL - $20.00 - BookedWe could all use a little bit of positivity!


These masks are breathable and lightly branded, featuring a red pomegranate, Mishkan's name, and "love" in both English and Hebrew. Love thy neighbor, love thyself, wear thy mask!
   MishMask - $10.00 - 14 of 54 LeftThis is one good-lookin' mask

Mishkan Hat

Sunny? In Chicago?!
Keep your eyes shielded and share your Mishkan love with this baseball hat, new for Summer 2021. With a red pomegranate on the front and a small Mishkan logo on the back, this is the perfect companion for a sunny day, a bad hair day, or any day, frankly!
   Mishkan Hat - $15.00 - 16 of 28 LeftHuman tested; Ash-the-dog approved

Mishkan Beanie

Stay warm in style this winter with our new Mishkan hats! These black hats feature a cute, tasteful Mishkan logo and are topped with a cute, tasteful pom-pom.
   Mishkan Beanie - $20.00 - Fully BookedWe promise you'll like it more than Willow does!

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